Grafitti Removal service in Morden

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Grafitti Removal service in Morden

Grafitti is vandalism. It scars the community, damages property values, and diminishes our quality of life. Grafitti can cause harm to beautiful or delicate surfaces and fences. Grafitti-affected areas may also start to feel run down and look threatening, putting off customers and prospects. Also, some Grafitti can be very offensive, threatening to groups or individuals, or racially abusive.

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How does pressure washing remove Grafitti?

In some spots, Grafitti can be removed with high-pressure spray only, which is better as chemicals can be too harsh for some surfaces. Once you apply these chemicals and allow them some time to work, you can pressure wash with a more distinguished PSI to blast away the unwanted art.


benefits of pressure washing to remove the spray paint. 

Spray the area with water from the power washer, moving the hose back and forth so the blast of water actually scrubs the painted area. Wash thoroughly and be sure to sweep up and remove all the dirt and spray paint from the area when finished. Trust ADC for Grafitti Removal and cleaning service in Morden.

Reasons for Prompt Grafitti Removal

Your business can’t be interrupted by a careless act of vandalism. Grafitti not only invites other forms of vandalism but also damages the image of your business by defacing your property. When you engage in quick removal of Grafitti, you’re preventing additional damage and expense. Just call us for Grafitti Removal service in Morden.

Why you should hire us for Grafitti Removal?

We provide an excellent pressure washing and exterior cleaning service according to our customers. Driveways, Grafitti, patios cleaning & house washing – that’s our bread n butter. We also offer gutter & roof cleaning. In addition, please don’t hesitate to contact us to clean large areas such as business forecourts, swimming pool areas, tennis courts, garages, HGV cleaning – basically anything that we can clean safely with water pressure. We use highly efficient; Honda engined pressure washing machines capable of up to 250bar/3625 PSI. It enables fast and consistent cleaning of concrete, slabs and natural stone, pavement, plus more. Call Us for the Grafitti Removal service in Morden.

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