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Who are we?

A Team of Reliable Exterior Cleaners for Domestic and Commercial Customers. We understand how important your home is to you, and we are the house detailers you can rely on. You’ll have the “shiniest” house on the street with Adc.

– Why Adc for pressure washing and exterior cleaning for patio cleaning service in London?

Simple & Easy – Adc pressure washing is a cleaning process that uses water to remove filth, moss, muck, and even some weeds from your outdoor pavement and decking surfaces. We recommend using this service when your patio begins to turn green or becomes muddy to reduce outdoor slippage.

Eco Friendly – Because we care about the environment and your home, we never use harsh chemicals in our house detailing services. We employ biodegradable solutions for all of our house detailing services, including patios cleaning, gutter cleaning, and power washing, and we compost all organic trash. Leave the polishing to us, and you’ll have peace of mind.

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As A patios cleaners what we used to clean a patio?

We use pressure washing machines with Honda engines that are extremely efficient and capable of producing up to 250 bar/3625 PSI. It makes it possible to clean concrete, slabs and natural stone, pavement, and other surfaces quickly and consistently.

ADC will come to you for patio cleaning in London.
Who cleans your Patio?

They are not afraid of exertion. To begin, they clean your patio with a 250 bar pressure washer, as well as various tools and chemicals. Then, using mild washing chemicals and Thames Ditton’s firm yard broom ADC patio cleaning, they enter unclean surfaces.

Besides that, ADC Pressure Washing & Outside Cleaning is a company that specialises in cleaning exterior surfaces like  driveways, pathways, decks, and gutters. We serve both residential and commercial clients. A well-kept exterior is usually suitable for your home. Please use our sealing, resanding, and soft washing services to make clean surfaces look better. Call ADC for Pressure Washing and Exterior Cleaning in Thames Ditton to get a cheap price on patio cleaning.

Adc can bring your patio back to its former glory with a simple cleaning.

We use the patio to catch up with friends, play with the kids, relax, and even work during the summer. As a result, we want to make sure it looks its best.

However, regardless of the size of your outside area, keeping your patio clean might feel like a monumental task, especially if it’s covered with filth, algae, mildew, stains, and moss. Giving it that thorough cleaning always gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, leaving your patio looking worse for wear when all you want is for it to return to its former glory.

The good news is that you can get rid of the filth using essential patio cleaners with Adc – which is a major plus, in our opinion, and your patio will look brand new in no time.

We’ve identified the best patio cleaning options for your needs, including tough-on-dirt cleansers, organic solutions, and pet-friendly cleaners. We’ve even included a patio cleaning pressure washer if you’re looking for a quick and gratifying deep clean.

pathway cleaning

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14 Years Of Experience In Patio cleaning services

“We use commercial-grade high-pressure jet washing equipment and a high-performance rotary surface cleaner to clean patios.”

Patio Cleaning & Driveway Cleaning London

Many homes in London require driveway cleaning and patio cleaning. Smartseal cleans and seals paving driveways, patios, and imprinted concrete surfaces around London.  We’ve arranged for patio and driveway cleaning services in London.

Our customers say we do excellent Patio cleaning. Our speciality is cleaning  patios, driveways, and houses. Also, we clean gutters and roofs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for large area cleaning such as commercial forecourts, swimming pool areas, tennis courts, garages, HGV cleaning, etc. We employ Honda-powered pressure washers capable of 250bar/3625 PSI. It cleans concrete, slabs, natural stone, pavement, and more.


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Power cleaning may perform miracles and restore the surface to its original state. First, remove mould, mildew, and moss—If any part of your driveway or patio is shaded, mould, mildew, and moss will grow. Power cleaning the surface removes any growths and prevents them from spreading.

No, we do not use any chemicals throughout this service. To safeguard any foliage around the cleaning area, we only use pure water sprayed under high pressure.

Just once a year.
Frequency. Power cleaning your deck once most home maintenance companies recommend a year. A yearly wash will maintain your deck in top shape, reducing the collection of dirt, mildew, and algae.

Contact ADC Pressure Washing and Exterior Cleaning for affordable driveway cleaners in London.

Usual suspects:

You supply water for our onboard tank.

They sweep and blast the surface clean.

Start the driveway cleaner’s engine.

Use the lance/gun to clean the edges.

Rotosurface cleanser the driveway or patio.

Rinse the surface and dry it

Scrub the surface with Concrete Cleaner. ADC will come to you for driveway cleaners in London.

Yes, you can use a pressure washer on a slate patio on a low setting, as it may damage some natural stone

Call Adc to do the hard work for you.

Clean soil and concrete are devoid of impurities such as corrosives, combustibles, and radioactive elements. Additionally, it is essentially devoid of biological matter, which will not disintegrate over time. Therefore, sharp debris, glass, or metal are not acceptable contaminants in clean materials.

  • Improve your building’s curb appeal. Whether or not your building’s owner is looking to sell or lease out space, it never hurts to boost the curb appeal. …
  • Prevent repairs. …
  • Clean associated spaces. …
  • Protect against injury and promote health. …
  • Get rid of graffiti.

It All Begins With Driveway Pressure Washing

Before securely fixing them onto the driveway’s surface with a sealant, it is necessary to remove any dirt, filth, and stains. Call ADC now for driveway cleaners in London

ADC – Patio Cleaning service

Are you looking for Patios Cleaning to remove grime, moss, mud, algae, lichens even some weeds from your patio and decking areas using only water? We use the best of both traditional and modern cleaning pressure washing techniques. We assess all surfaces, ensuring the finish is safe from damage and effectively cleaned. Call us for Patio Cleaning in Sutton and nearby areas of London.


After months of wind, frost, and torrential downpours, it’s fair to say your patio slabs have been through a lot since last summer. And now, with spring giving new life to your alfresco area, the grime is starting to show.

But don’t worry, Simply Paving can help with that; even if your patio has a sheen of green or you can spot signs of mold, it doesn’t take much to get your patio back to its best. We will come to you for Patio Cleaning in Sutton, nearby areas. we will come to you for Patios Cleaning in Sutton and nearby areas.

Sparkling Patio with a professional cleaning

The patio can start to look dull with a build-up of mildew, leaf stains, and grime. No matter what type of patio you have – flags, blocks, or concrete, We can restore it with a professional patio cleaning service. If you have timber decking in your garden, we can clean it. We use eco chemicals in our cleaning solution to keep your plants, lawn, pets, and wildlife safe from harm. Call us for Patio Cleaning in Sutton, nearby areas.

Why Adc for Patio Cleaning?

Driveways and Patio benefit from a deep clean from time to time. Unfortunately, no matter what your drive or patio is made of, grime and dirt gradually build up on the surface, spoiling the way it looks. Cleaning your driveway or patio will bring the color and beauty back.

Book a professional team, Adc pressure washing for a professional patio cleaning service. We have the experience and expertise to clean your driveway or patio, no matter what material. Stone, concrete, tarmac, resin, and block paving can all be restored with a professional cleaning. we will come to you for Patios Cleaning in Sutton and nearby areas.

Instead of spending time cleaning your patio or drive yourself, call in our hardworking team, and we will complete the work to a very high standard quickly and thoroughly. Call us for Patio Cleaning in Sutton, nearby areas.


Adc- How to Clean Patio Slabs?

If you’re planning on cleaning your patio slabs, then you’ve come to the right place. , We clean your patio slabs with a pressure washer.

How to clean patio slabs with a pressure washer

Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to clean decking and Patio. In addition, pressure washers are ideal for cleaning driveways, garden furniture, fencing, guttering, and more, making them the ultimate outdoor cleaning tool.

  1. Remove any debris from your patio, such as moss and algae
  2. Connect pressure washer to your mains water supply
  3. Apply soft washing treatment, if desired 
  4. Switch variance lance to an adequate pressure
  5. Clean in small areas at a time with overlapping movements
  6. Remove puddles with a broom or bucket
  7. Rinse patio to remove standing grime
  8. Re sand the patio when required to prevent shifting and sinking
  9. Apply patio sealer, which will resist staining and allow easier maintenance of the patio

We will come to you for Patios Cleaning in Sutton, nearby areas.

Patio Cleaning

How do we clean a concrete patio with a pressure washer?

We apply a degreaser or concrete cleaner before power washing. Start at the highest point. Keep the nozzle about 12 inches from the surface; getting too close could cause damage. Instead, we use a steady, sweeping motion as we move back and forth across the concrete.

How often should you jet wash a patio?

How often should I have my driveway jet washed? For the best result, clean a driveway every six months – You can call ADC for a professional patio cleaning service. We come to you for Patio Cleaning in Sutton, nearby areas.

What are the benefits of patio cleaning with pressure washing?

In addition to removing the dirt and grime, ADC pressure washing can enhance your external surfaces’ appearance for domestic or commercial properties.

Improve your building’s curb appeal. …

Prevent repairs. …

Clean associated spaces. …

Protect against injury and promote health. …

Also, Get rid of graffiti.

Call us for Patio Cleaning in Sutton, nearby areas.

If you would like to get your patio cleaned in Sutton, we can help. Our patio cleaning Team can take care of all your needs. We also clean the following. we will come to you for Patios Cleaning in Sutton.

Driveway cleaning

Gutter cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Decking Cleaning

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