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driveway cleaning in London

Driveway Cleaning

Equipped in terms of experience, equipment, safety and technique, you can trust us. We can adjust the 250 bar high-pressure water pump for High and Low-pressure applications. Most noteworthy, you can depend on us to clean your driveway as well as your car.

Patio Cleaning in London

Patios Cleaning

Are you looking to remove grime, moss, mud and even some weeds from your patio and decking areas using only water? We use the best of both traditional and modern cleaning pressure washing techniques. We assess all surfaces, ensuring the finish is safe from damage, efficiently and effectively cleaned.

Pathway cleaning london and surrey

Pathway Cleaning

Cleaning pathways without damaging adjacent plants begins with a careful approach and equipment to prevent damage. Preparing the work area is key to an impressive job. We always treat your property with respect.

Gutter Cleaning london and surrey

Gutter Cleaning

Leaves and other material get blown onto roofs and drain into gutters and downpipes every day. Save yourself expensive repair bills when your guttering and downpipes are at risk of being clogged, opt for our regular maintenance service


Decking Cleaning

 Nothing compares to the exceptional results you’ll get working with ADC Pressure washing and exterior cleaning. With years of experience and a track record of fantastic results. Don’t settle for less. We are Punctual, courteous and decking cleaning is our speciality.

driveway cleaning london

Imprinted Concrete sealing

Our highly talented and experienced team are at hand for imprinted concrete sealing. We can clean, re-colour and seal and reseal imprinted concrete surfaces of all sizes. 

paving cleaning in london

Paving Cleaning

Natural stone and concrete paving are best maintained by regular sweeping and the occasional hose down. This should keep it looking good and prevent moss. Contact us for regular maintenance of your property’s exterior.

soft washing

Soft washing

Black spots, algae and lichen can ruin the look of any surface. We use soft washing to restore your exterior surfaces to its former glory. Our technique removes the stains and prevents them returning.

Fence cleaning london and surrey

Fence Cleaning

DIY fence washing works well for cleaning off surface dirt. It’s a good choice if your fence is not too filthy. But if your fence is mouldy, has ground-in muck, or is heavily stained, power washing will be more effective.

Pressure washing in london

Grafitti Removal

Our specialists will remove unsightly graffiti. Our eco-friendly service removes graffiti fast & effectively without the use of chemicals. We offer graffiti cleaning services and fly poster removal across London and Surrey. Contact us for swift action.

Block paving cleaning

Block paving cleaning

Weeds are plants growing in an inconvenient place, and there are few places more problematic than the new paving that’s just cost you umpteen grand. Unfortunately, there are two common myths regarding weeds and paving, so let’s deal with them immediately.

brick cleaning

brick cleaning

We are experts brick cleaners in London And specialise in cleaning and restoring bricks and stones in London. Easy Booking System, Visit Now! We have the skills, tools, and knowledge to provide a thorough and effective cleaning service that won’t hurt your property in the long run.

roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

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