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Is it correct that soapy water and a stiff brush are as good as almost anything else? What are the right products to use, and what about tools? This page looks at the issues. pressure washing, as opposed to other cleaning methods, may quickly restore the appearance of your pavers. Pressure cleaning can blast away all dirt, dust, grime, and debris from your pavers in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to use cleaning solutions or chemicals because high-pressure water is powerful enough. Trust ADC for paving cleaning in Gatwick.


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A Team of Reliable Exterior Cleaners for Domestic and Commercial Customers. We understand how important your home is to you, and we are the house detailers you can rely on. You’ll have the “shiniest” house on the street with Adc.

– Why Adc for pressure washing and exterior cleaning?

Simple & Easy – We understand that you have a lot on your plate. Yet it’s critical to safeguard your most valuable asset: your house. Adc is the company you call when you need a driveway, pressure washing, or gutter cleaning.

Eco Friendly – Because we care about the environment and your home, we never use harsh chemicals in our house detailing services. We employ biodegradable solutions for all of our house detailing services, including driveway cleaning, gutter cleaning, and power washing, and we compost all organic trash. Leave the polishing to us, and you’ll have peace of mind.

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As A paving cleaner, what do we use to clean blocked paving?

We use pressure washing machines with Honda engines that are extremely efficient and capable of producing up to 250 bar/3625 PSI. It makes it possible to clean block paving, concrete, slabs and natural stone, pavement, and other surfaces quickly and consistently. Request a quote for paving cleaning near you in  Gatwick.

It doesn’t matter how well a pavement is laid, and no matter how much money was spent on quality materials, all pavings, from the top-of-the-range to the not-quite-so-good, require some essential maintenance to look their best. Proper maintenance keeps paving in prime condition: lack of care allows paving to degrade.

Even if it’s just a basic wash with soapy water, all types and forms of paving will look much improved for it, while certain types of paving tend to need a bit more care and attention to ensure they always look as bright as practicable. Call ADC for paving cleaning in Gatwick now!!.

ADC will come to you for paving cleaning in Gatwick.

Who cleans your blocked paving?

They are not afraid of exertion. To begin, they clean your paving with a 250 bar pressure washer, as well as various tools. Besides that, ADC Pressure Washing & Outside Cleaning is a company that specialises in cleaning exterior surfaces like driveways, patios, decks, and gutters. We serve both residential and commercial clients. A well-kept exterior is usually suitable for your home. Please use our sealing, resanding, and soft washing services to make clean surfaces look better. Call ADC for Pressure Washing and Exterior Cleaning in Gatwick to get a cheap price on paving cleaning in Gatwick.

Dealing with weeds

Weeds are plants growing in an inconvenient place, and there are few places more problematic than the new paving that’s just cost you umpteen grand. Unfortunately, there are two common myths regarding weeds and paving, so let’s deal with them immediately.

(*1) – Myth perception: – certain types of paving/surfacing are “weed-free.”

(*2) – Myth demeanour: – weeds grow up through block paving.

There is no point in blaming the pavement for scenes like those shown above. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the paving or how it has been constructed. 

Is it the vehicle’s fault when a car gets dirty and covered in traffic grime? Is it the fault of the vehicle? No: we understand that the owner must have cleaned the car occasionally. And it is precisely the same with paving! It needs care and paying attention to keeping it looking perfect. 

ADC will come to you for paving cleaning in Gatwick.

Due to the high volume of car and foot traffic on your driveway and concrete surfaces, it is essential to maintain them clear of moss, mould, algae, and other organic development that can make them slippery and a possible safety threat.

Properly cleaning your driveway and concrete surfaces will require specially-designed driveway cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions that the average home lacks; thus, it is a task that should be delegated to properly-trained, fully-equipped specialists. ADC will clean your concrete surfaces, so you don’t have to. request a quote for paving cleaning in Gatwick now.

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Know The Industry

14 Years Of Experience In block paving sealing and cleaning services

“We use commercial-grade high-pressure jet washing equipment and a high-performance rotary surface cleaner to clean blocked paving.”

Getting blocked

It is possible to pull out the weeds on the surface of most paved roads or scrape them off using a hoe or similar Stuff. Where the roots have been sent down into the jointing, removing the weed often removes the sand, which should be replaced as soon as the surface is cleaned up. Partly-filled or empty joints are detrimental to the pavement’s best workability.

Keep paved areas weed-free.

Once a paved surface is clear of weeds, keeping it weed-free for the future makes sense. Generally, regular traffic, by foot or by wheels, will limit the ability of weeds to re-colonize an area. Still, for those areas experiencing little or no traffic, three simple anti-weed strategies are available. We will clean your concrete surfaces, so you don’t have to. request a quote for paving cleaning in Gatwick now.

*weedkiller or fungicide.

Although weedkillers might be some people’s first choice dissuasion strategy, I prefer pro-active to re-active treatment, which means ceasing the weeds before they settle in rather than killing them once they’ve been established.

Important of Weedkiller

However, using weedkillers with care can effectively kill off existing weeds and deter re-colonization for weeks or even months. There are also a growing number of “weed preventers,” chemicals applied to a paved surface after cleaning.

Look for products that have been created, especially for use with paving or in gardens, rather than general herbicides, which kill everything. Those chemicals sold as satisfactory for paving or garden use tend to be slightly more careful and target the weeds without discolouring the paving or finishing adjacent lawns or bedding plants. Trust ADC to clean your concrete surfaces, so you don’t have to. request a quote for paving cleaning in Gatwick now.

Contact weedkillers work, as the name suggests, by coming into contact with the weed and are ideal for the rapid killing of simple surface weeds. However, a systematized weedkiller is probably a better choice for the more determined weed. These tend to take more time (by a couple of days) to kill off the weed, but do so by being actively and effectively brought into the whole plant, not just the above-ground leaves and stems.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and try to avoid washing off onto planted areas. We are a professional pressure washing company that provides reliable paving cleaning in Gatwick Call now!

Why ADC for paving cleaning in Gatwick?

We provide an excellent pressure washing and exterior cleaning service, according to our customers. Driveways, patios, and house washing – that’s our bread n butter. We also offer gutter & roof cleaning. In addition, please don’t hesitate to contact us to clean large areas such as business forecourts, swimming pool areas, tennis courts, garages, HGV cleaning – basically anything we can clean safely with water pressure. We use highly efficient; Honda engined pressure washing machines capable of up to 250bar/3625 PSI. It enables fast and consistent cleaning of concrete, slabs, natural stone, pavement, and more. call now or request a quote for reliable paving cleaning in Gatwick Call now!


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

When should pavers be cleaned?

It is essential to have your pavers pressure-cleaned annually or more frequently if there are additional difficulties. Pressure cleaners will remove dirt, grime, moss, weeds, and other debris from your pavers that a standard outdoor brush cannot.

How are pavers maintained?

Plan to clean and reseal pavers every three to five years to keep them looking their best. To keep your pavers looking new, wash them with a coarse-bristle “stable” brush and paver cleanser each Spring. If left alone, weeds can cause pavers to drift apart over time.

ADC driveway cleaning in Gatwick comes to you. To clean, resand, and seal your paving in Gatwick.

Is it necessary to power wash pavers?

Pressure cleaning concrete pavers, especially newer ones, may easily harm the surface finish, thus we strongly advise against it unless you are extremely skilled and have the appropriate equipment. In most circumstances, a jet-type tip is required to clean pavers with a pressure washer.

Contact ADC Pressure Washing and Exterior Cleaning for affordable paving cleaning in Gatwick.

Do you need to re-sand pavers?

Re-sanding a paver patio is critical; if you don’t, your paver patio will lose stability, and the pavers will begin to split. It becomes vital to put sand between the pavers once the remainder of the paver repair procedure is completed to maintain their balance.

ADC will come to you for paving cleaning in Gatwick.

Is it difficult to keep pavers clean?

Pavers are inherently low-maintenance, but sealing them necessitates additional maintenance over time. For example, water-based sealers require reapplication every 3 to 5 years, whereas acrylic sealers require reapplication every 2 to 3 years.

What means clean concrete?

Clean soil and concrete are devoid of impurities such as corrosives, combustibles, and radioactive elements. Additionally, it is essentially devoid of biological matter, which will not disintegrate over time. Therefore, sharp debris, glass, or metal are not acceptable contaminants in clean materials.

What are the benefits to pressure washing your building?

  • Improve your building’s curb appeal. Whether or not your building’s owner is looking to sell or lease out space, it never hurts to boost the curb appeal. …
  • Prevent repairs. …
  • Clean associated spaces. …
  • Protect against injury and promote health. …Get rid of graffiti.

Should I apply a sealant after pressure washing my driveway?

It All Begins With Driveway Pressure Washing

Before securely fixing them onto the driveway’s surface with a sealant, it is necessary to remove any dirt, filth, and stains. Call ADC now for driveway cleaners in Gatwick.

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